Suspender Back Styles

The most fascinating thing with the invention of suspenders is the creativity inputted when completing the braces. Brace straps are available in myriad styles such as the cross over (X-back), join (Y-back) or just worn straight down front to back.

These are the most common suspender back styles although there are some more mind-boggling designs you can find at Mighty Good Man:

  • X-back
  • Y-back
  • H-back

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X-back suspenders

The X is derived from the way in which these straps continue separately to form an ‘X’ at the back. The end result is a suspender that has dual attachments at the front and at the back. It is common that majority of suspenders with clips are the X type. This is for several reasons: one, many pants have their belt loops right at the center which will reduce the grip of the clip. Also, two clips provide a better fit on either side of the belt loop and will inevitably increase the support strength by even distribution of weight.

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Since the suspenders continue after the X point uninterrupted, there are some ingenious ways of having them stick together at the point at which they intersect. The most basic way to do so for a start is to just sew the two straps together at the point they intersect.

The swivel-back brace is undoubtedly the most comfortable of all braces. Another type of brace is the Paris Free swing brace which has a joint loop that swivels in a motion that corresponds to body movement. Using the above braces with your suspender will definitely keep them firm on your shoulders.

If your desired look is casual or professional, then the X-back suspender is more appropriate. They are majorly available with clips since many trousers have buttons at the center back to create accommodation for the Y back suspender. This however, can be rectified by skilled tailors.


Y-back suspenders

This are named so since the two strands meet at the back and end at the point at which they come to contact with each other, and continue as a single strap at the midline of the back. This results in a Y shape at the back hence the name Y-back suspenders.

Y-back suspenders bring out a formal look and are the best choice for meetings and other similar occasions. These suspenders have an attachment button at the center back of the trousers. Since they only have one attachment point, they show some weakness though quality Y-back suspenders are built to last.


Advantages of the Y and X back suspenders

More people perceive the Y back to be more stylish and fashionable than the X-back. Nonetheless, from an eagle’s eye view, there are quite useful advantages of each.

The Y-back can create the random wedgie very easily, and this is opted for when wearing a fish-tail back. This style is caused by riding up of pants as the space between buttons is not more than 4 inches apart.

The intersection point on the X-back braces cross at a higher point and can be spaced much further apart as they reach the pants. This creates firm support as they hold fast to nearly 1/3 of the back distance. If you require to have your pants well supported, the X-back is more suitable for the job. You may want to add two more connection point to the X-back to have a 4, which has a firm hold.

X-back braces have moveable joints that are adjusted to suit the physique of the person wearing the suspenders. If a person has sloped shoulders, and the junction is much lower, the suspenders will often slip. To correct this, the “X” should be elevated to a higher point on the back, just close to the neck and still have a snug and comfortable fit.


Parallel brace straps

These type run front to back, with no intersection point in between. As a result, they don’t have enough they don’t have enough force that keeps them firm on the shoulders. This was the initial style of suspenders and was not liked because of this.



Same as parallel but with two brace straps at the back. H-back hold your pants extremely well and don’t fall on your shoulders. They are available although the H-type with buttons is very hard to come by.

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Suspender fabrics; elastic and non-elastic

Not only are suspenders available in a variety of patterns, width, and colors, but also have different fabrics for different designs; the stretch (elastic) and non-stretch fabrics.

  • Stretch – are more common since they have more designs and fit majority of body types. They are only restricted to casual or formal occasions.
  • Non stretch – they can be made from many non-elastic fabrics which are preferred to using plain plastic. Nowadays, they have slight elastic properties to have a better fit and support which is comfortable to the wearer.


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